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Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding video. I love it! Everything looks fantastic and we couldn't be happier ... I can't believe what an amazing job you guys did on capturing our wedding day. I love the video so much and it is my fave momento of our wedding day!

Sarah & Josh

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Things we get asked...

What is a documentary?

Our documentary edits are essentially a real-time edit of your day as it unfolds, using the natural sights and sounds. The piece is polished to remove lags so your video moves along. Other interchangeable terms for the documentary style of edit are: traditional, journalistic, long form, real-time, or live edits.

What is a highlight?

A highlight is a short piece, typically set to music, that recalls different parts of your day. Highlights are carefully storyboarded to give you the essence of the day in a creative manner. We offer time-tiered highlight segments in each package. Other interchangeable terms for the highlight segments are: cinematic, artistic, creative, short form, interpretive, or movie-like edits.

Do you offer full-day cinematic edits?

Yes, we offer comprehensive cinematic movies of the coverage we are hired for. This is a highly edited and personalized movie. The movie takes you through a series of emotions from your day in a creative and entertaining fashion. We will guide you through the process on gathering materials such as music. The delivery period takes longer than a traditional documentary or shorter highlight segment, but well worth the wait. The final run time may range from 45-60+ minutes.

Do you offer raw footage?

Yes. Recently, we decided to include raw footage on a storage drive as a standard. This is a great offering so you will have your raw footage forever in case you wish to try your hand at editing for a future anniversary or special occasion. We film to edit, so please note that the footage is not perfect in its raw state (camera movements, imperfect lighting etc.).

Do you conduct guest interviews?

If requested, interviews can be performed with family, guests, and members of the wedding party in a tasteful manner and are typically conducted once your major activities have been completed.

Do you offer any other services or products?

Yes. We offer a variety of services and products that can be applied to weddings, events, or commercial productions. Some products include: Photo Montages, Portrait Playdays, Concept/Trailer videos, and Same Day Edits. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it and help you bring that to life! For commercial productions, please contact us to discuss your project.

How long is the edited DVD?

We offer tiered highlight pieces with specific time frames. The long form documentary style production will depend on the length of the ceremony and the other activities surrounding your event.

When will I see the final production?

Delivery is 2-4 weeks after your event date. Custom packages will take longer and will be communicated to you.

What do you require to retain your services?

A 50% retainer is required to hold your date and the balance is due twenty-one days prior to the wedding date.

Where are you located?

We are centrally located in Houston, Texas in the Medical Center/West University area.

Do you travel?

Yes, we travel domestically and internationally and can work out arrangements with you on an individual basis. We do not charge travel fees to suburban city centers around Houston unless overnight stays are required.

What is your experience with video productions?

We have been filming weddings professionally since 2002 and have expanded into commercial productions over the past several years.

What type of equipment do you use?

Our primary cameras are a mix of Sony and Canon brands. We film in HD and output to SD, unless there is an HD upgrade. For your ceremony, a wireless microphone is placed on the groom to capture your vows. Other audio inputs and equipment are utilized at our discretion.

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes. Back-up equipment is available in the case of malfunctions and can be replaced and up and running as quickly as possible.

Will you use lighting?

Lights are never used at the ceremony; however, due to the low available light in some facilities, we have small, on-camera lighting if needed for your reception.

What will you wear to my event?

We remain as inconspicuous as possible; therefore, our appearance is professional in order to maintain our unobtrusiveness.

Please contact us if you have any other questions!

The Princess Bride

• 3-5 minute highlight
• Raw footage on a storage drive
• 2 Cameras/Ceremony
• 2 Cameras/Reception
• Wireless microphone on groom
• Up to 4 hours of onsite time
• $1,800 + tax

My Best Friend’s Wedding

• 5-7 minute highlight
• Documentary edit of your day
• Raw footage on a storage drive
• 2 Cameras/Ceremony
• 2 Cameras/Reception
• Wireless microphone on groom
• Up to 5 hours of onsite time
• 3 customized sets of DVDs
• $2,700 + tax

Additional Enhancements

• Additional time: $400 per hour
• Hi-Def BluRay Upgrade: $400
• Additional DVDs: $25 per set
• Additional BluRays: $45 per set
• Rehearsal Dinner(up to 3 hours/1 Camera): $900
• Cinematic movie of your day: starts at $8,000
• Available for destination travel

From Tears to Laughing

I went from tears to laughing hysterically ... Unbelievable is the only word that comes close to what you have produced!

Samantha & Phil

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Sweet Moments

I saw some really sweet moments with Jerry's mom that I didn't know took place. My dad watched it and cried all over again.

Camey & Jerry